Croatia is offering unique sailing experience, due to the 1000 islands which are spread along its coast. On our day tours we will take you to one of the most attractive areas in Croatia. Due to its position Hvar is a great starting point for sailing adventures. Sailing offers the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea up close.


We will sail in one of the best parts of Adriatic, and favorite destinations of people who love the sea and islands.  This tour is all about the sailing, poetry of movement as many would call it. It is not easy to tell precise itinerary of this trip, because we leave the choice to the nature, letting the weather and winds to guide us. One we can tell you for sure: you will see beautiful places, beaches, maybe even a cave, enjoy in best local food and company, hear about the interesting history of our attractive islands Hvar and Vis, traditional way of living on those islands and much more… Or you can just enjoy the music of the winds, waves and warmth of the sun and dance of  dolphins passing by…
We will stop for swimming and snorkelling (gear is included), so you can explore the underwater world while taking the break...




 Stari Grad





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