• exceptional climatic conditions - average of 2750 sunny hours per year

    ☺more than 7.000 years of history and culture

    fascinating archaeological and cultural sites used as exclusive venues for individual travellers and group functions

    ☺ rich cultural heritage and historical heritage

    beautiful ancient towns with marvellous architecture and strong historic elements

    ☺140 years of organized tourism

    ☺the renowned Hvar’s natives hospitality and friendliness

    first rate cuisine and wines

    ☺mediterranean magic combined with European style

    ☺the clearest and cleanest crystal blue sea in the Mediterranean

    combination of sun and sea, with the pine scented mountains

    ☺crimeless, secure and safe place especially warmly recommended for family holidays

    ☺a number of popular clubs, bars and cafés attracting people from all over the world to share the special moments and simply enjoy life

    ☺great place for an active holiday with outdoor activities, such as swimming, diving, sailing, water-skiing, canoeing, tennis, basketball and volleyball playing or just sunbathing and relaxing in the sun


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