Join us for the ultimate tour of Hvar. The Hvar Heritage Waking Tour is perfectly tailored for those who want to see as much as they can in 2 hours. Encompassing all the major sights and landmarks of historic Hvar, this tour offers truly the best and the most complete perspective of once the most important Venetian harbour in the Adriatic sea.



Hvar is a visual fest for lovers of architecture and it looks like “an open air gallery” for every style which is waiting to be discovered. You will surely enjoy in the charm of the Old Town called Groda, the Piazza, the Arsenal and the first public theatre in Europe, the cathedral of St. Stephen, the Franciscan monastery, the Renaissance Palaces and many others.

Climb up to the Fortress and enjoy the spectacular panorama.

This tour will offer you a unique perspective and understanding of Hvar’s rich historic heartland.




 Stari Grad





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